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2024-06-06U bend fin tube heat treatment

U bend fin tube heat treatmentOne: GB/T151-2014 regulations:When there is a stress to resist or requ……[Know More]

2024-01-15Leakage treatment of shell-and-tube heat exchangers

Leakage treatment of shell-and-tube heat exchangersShell-and-tube heat exchanger is one of the most ……[Know More]

2023-12-04Elliptical finned tubes

Elliptical finned tubesAn elliptical finned tube is a heat exchanger element consisting of a base tu……[Know More]

2023-11-30Comparison of SA179 and SA106

Comparison of SA179 and SA106SA179 and SA106 differ in four areas:1.Objective and scope: SA179, the ……[Know More]

2023-11-27Air coolers can be classified in a variety of ways

Air coolers can be classified in a variety of ways, including:1. According to the arrangement of the……[Know More]

2023-11-17Finless Heat Exchanger

Finless Heat ExchangerFin-and-Tube Heat Exchanger is the most widely used heat exchanger in the refr……[Know More]

2020-09-23The role of finned tube in heat transfer enhancement

Compared with the traditional heat exchange tube,…[Know More]

2020-09-23Application characteristics of finned tube in hot water boiler

The thermal calculation of boiler is an important…[Know More]

2020-09-23Manufacturing principle of fin tube

The smooth tube is lined with a mandrel, driven by…[Know More]

2020-09-23Is there any other name for finned tube?

In the radiator, there is a more common, is the fi…[Know More]

2020-09-23The working mode of finned tube is different according to the material characteristics

The principle of working in a dry environment is t…[Know More]

2020-09-23The selection of finned tube should also consider the water quality requirements

When customers choose all kinds of products, they …[Know More]

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