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Dellok(YONGHUI Radiating Pipe Manufacturing Co.,Ltd) was established in 2002, which is located in Nanjing, China.We joined HARBIN AIR CONDITIONING CO., LTD. in 2022 and became the most professional industry manufacturer in China. After many years of development, the company now has 66 million yuan in fixed assets, more than 200 employees, and 33 technical staffs. We have 4 aluminum processing production lines, with the annual processing capacity of more than 20,000 tons; And we have 5 tube-drawing production lines; 47 fintube production lines, 1 imported production line from American with the brand of McElroy , with the annual production capacity of 12 million meters the above. 

Quality is the theme of eternal pursuit of winner 


-Production workshop-

Meticulous works, standardized management system and systematic quality assurance are Dellok(YONGHUI)'s best commitment to quality. In Dellok(YONGHUI), the quality control is not only the detection of the final process, but throughout the entire production process. We implement a set of quality control and assurance systems. Each batch of pipes is sampled and tested, and records are kept as a quality guarantee for the final product. 

-Production process-

Quality reflects Dellok(YONGHUI) 's strength, outstanding quality rejects mediocrity, each set of advanced equipment and each unique process condenses the spirit of excellence of  Dellok(YONGHUI) people. Dellok(YONGHUI) deeply understands that only near-perfect products can realize the core connotation of Dellok(YONGHUI) 's commitment to "achieve your value" , which guarantees your interests and values.

-Quality Control-

In order to ensure that the quality exceeds the standard, Dellok(YONGHUI) has perfect product management monitoring equipment in the facility, mainly including advanced equipment such as spectrometer, material testing machine, thermal performance tester, and water pressure and air pressure testing machine, Webster hardness meter and so on. 

-Perseverance and trust-

Dellok(YONGHUI) products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, natural gas, metallurgy, electric power, grain and oil machinery, food freezing and automobile industries. High-quality products and perfect after-sales service have been praised, favored and supported by users in China and abroad. Dellok(YONGHUI) promises that we regard customers' needs and opinions as work goals, and serve customers with a conscious behavior and potential consciousness at the base of 100% sincerity, quality, and service. Dellok(YONGHUI) has now developed into a professional manufacturing enterprise integrating scientific research, manufacturing and sales. Dellok(YONGHUI) people will, as always, use advanced high-tech products and dedicated business philosophy to serve the whole society. 

Inheritance and innovation are the driving force for progress

Innovation is the unremitting driving force for Dellok(YONGHUI)'s growth. In the process of development, Dellok(YONGHUI) always adheres to the principle of "concept innovation, technology innovation, management innovation", seizes the market with high and new technology, and is persistently committed to the research and development of high-level fintube. Our products perform a high level and leading position in the domestic industry. In 2013, it was appraised as high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province. The company's high-efficiency fintubes with the brand of "Huachi" were awarded the title of "Jiangsu Famous Brand Product" by the Jiangsu Famous Brand Strategy Promotion Committee. We cooperate jointly with the China Steel Research and Development Corporation's Steel Pipe Division to host high-level fintube R & D bases. We work together with Shanghai Jiaotong University and other research institutes for the industry-academia research. We get the product safety registration with the air-cooled heat exchanger finned tubes by the National Boiler and Pressure Vessel Standardization Technical Committee.

Dellok(YONGHUI)'s entrepreneurial spirit is a kind of strength, and also a hope for a better life. Dellok(YONGHUI)'s corporate image is sought after by word of mouth, and it is a long-standing heritage and development. Even though the times have changed, Dellok(YONGHUI) has never changed his mind and moved forward.

Choosing Dellok(YONGHUI) is choosing quality assurance.

Choosing Dellok(YONGHUI) is choosing to make extraordinary.

Let's go ahead together with Dellok(YONGHUI).

Contact:Brian Wanqian

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