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The selection of finned tube should also consider the water quality requirements

When customers choose all kinds of products, they will consider all aspects of the products, especially the purchase of heat dissipation products. They are especially concerned about the thermal efficiency of finned tubes. Whether they can achieve better efficiency in a short time will be considered by customers around this aspect, including whether the corrosion resistance of materials meets the requirements, and whether the appearance is simple and beautiful Whether it can meet people's requirements when carrying out maintenance.

1: The working pressure of finned tube radiator should be in accordance with the environmental impact and the current national product standards;

2: When using steel finned tube radiator, the closed system should be adopted and should match the local water quality.

3: The finned tube radiator with convenient cleaning should be used when working in the area with serious environment;

4: When working in areas with corrosive substances or high humidity, corrosion-resistant fin tube radiator should be used;

5: When the aluminum fin tube radiator is used, the internal anti-corrosion aluminum fin tube radiator should be selected to meet the water quality requirements of the product;

6: Choose the regular finned tube radiator manufacturers, good service manufacturers will make customers feel at home.

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