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The working mode of finned tube is different according to the material characteristics

The principle of working in a dry environment is to heat the material with hot air, and the moisture in the material will evaporate. In the subsequent cyclic drying process, because the higher temperature has made it close to the saturation state, if the finned tube works in the high temperature and humidity environment, the air can not lose water, so when the water begins to stop, it will volatilize If we continue to work, we will have a variety of adverse effects, so we should optimize this practice.

If there is more moisture in the material when it is used, one of the consequences is that the outside hot air will become more saturated in a short period of time. In this case, fresh air will be used for drying process, which means that the hot air of temperature will be placed in the dryer after the fin tube is cooled, and the hot air will be discharged from the opposite port at the same time In addition, in the drying tunnel of the tunnel, the flow direction of hot air is contrary to that of the material.

At this time, if the fresh air is not saturated, it is easy to save part of the heat consumption in the hot air drying condition. The amount of fresh air supplement is generally 20-30%, which depends on the process requirements.

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