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Is there any other name for finned tube?

In the radiator, there is a more common, is the fin tube radiator. Moreover, it is also one of the key words of the website. Therefore, based on the above two points, and according to its specific learning requirements and objectives. Next, we will continue this work so that we can have learning content to improve our understanding of the product.

1. What is the main purpose of the fin tube product radiator for heat exchange? Is it a heat exchange equipment? In addition, is there another name for it?

Finned tube radiator is mainly used for heat exchange between liquid and gas. Therefore, there is no doubt that it belongs to the heat exchange equipment. As for its name, it can be referred to as radiator, or heat pipe, air heater and air heat exchanger, etc., which are all OK.

2. What are the differences between the steel three column radiator and the steel finned tube convective radiator?

Compared with three column steel radiator and finned tube convective radiator, the specific difference is mainly in the aspects of thermal conductivity. Generally speaking, the former is better than the latter, that is, the thermal conductivity of the steel three column radiator is better than that of the steel finned tube convective radiator, which is determined by the material properties.

3. What is the function of fin in fin tube product radiator? Can non wound fin be used?

In finned tube radiator, the main function of fins is to increase the heat dissipation area of radiator, that is, the area that it wants to contact with air, so as to improve the heat exchange efficiency. In terms of type, it is mainly made of steel fins, because if the fins are not wound, then its heat transfer efficiency is not very good, so it is not recommended to use.

These three questions can be said to be common problems on fin tube radiator, so they are put forward, explained and answered in detail, so that we can master them in time through learning. In this way, even in practice, we can know how to answer correctly, so as to solve the problem effectively.

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