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What are the effects of the parameters of finned tube on its performance?

High frequency welding of finned tube, it is also a kind of finned tube. Based on the existing knowledge of high frequency welding of finned tube, today's small edition will talk about something else, such as fin tube, which can broaden our knowledge and increase our knowledge. Therefore, we should study carefully and master it in time. Maybe it can be used in the future.

What is the effect of some parameters in finned tube on heat dissipation? The following small series will analyze and explain, so that we can clearly understand.

1. Contact thermal resistance

If the contact thermal resistance is not good, the influence on heat dissipation will reach more than 20%.

2. Fin height

If the fin height is increased, the heat dissipation area will be increased, thus increasing the heat dissipation capacity. However, this can not be blindly increased, but also consider the dimension rationality.

3. Fin spacing

If the fin spacing is smaller, the heat dissipation will be increased, but it is not the smaller the better. If the fin spacing is too small, it will bring adverse effects. Therefore, it is generally quiet. Two tubes are 3-4mm, four tubes are 4-5mm, and six tubes are 5-6mm.

4. Fin diameter

With the increase of fin diameter, the heat dissipation will increase, but there are some disadvantages. If the fin height is small and the fin spacing is small, the rationality of pipe diameter should also be considered.

5. Number of fins

Increasing the number of fins can also improve the heat dissipation, but it will increase the cost, so it is not very economical to consider from the economic aspect.

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