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What common problems are encountered in the operation of finned tube?

Question 1. What is the corrosion resistance of steel radiators?

Interpretation: due to the characteristics of its own materials, the corrosion resistance of steel radiator is not as good as that of copper aluminum composite radiator, but it is definitely not very poor. The corrosion of fin tube radiator is mostly oxidation corrosion. As long as high-quality steel materials and good internal anti-corrosion technology are selected, the service life of steel radiator is still very long.

Question 2. Is the corrosion resistance of copper aluminum composite radiator very good?

Interpretation: the anti-corrosion ability of copper aluminum composite fin tube radiator is very good, because the inner wall is copper tube, copper does not easily react with ions in water, so generally speaking, the service life of copper aluminum composite radiator is relatively long, and it is the leader in corrosion resistance.

Question 3. Why isn't the radiator hot?

Interpretation: radiator is not hot, is one of the more common problems encountered by consumers. Originally joyfully bought the radiator, but in the use process is not hot, really very annoying. First of all, we should check whether the number of the radiator is very small. The number of the radiator largely determines the temperature of the room. Secondly, it is necessary to exhaust the air to see if there is too much air in the radiator. If so, open the air-conditioning valve, exhaust the air in the radiator, and then close it. There should be no problem.

Question 4. Which heat dissipation effect is better between steel radiator and copper aluminum composite radiator?

Interpretation: to understand this point, we need to understand the characteristics of the two materials. The working principle and material of the two radiators determine their different heat dissipation rates. First of all, the steel radiator relies on radiation to dissipate heat, so the air flow is slow, and the room temperature will be uneven. In addition, the thermal properties of copper and aluminum are much higher than that of steel; Under the same conditions, the efficiency of heat transfer by copper in contact with hot water to aluminum fin in contact with air is definitely more efficient than that of steel alone.

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