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Dellok Yonghui FE elliptical fin tubes Introduction,Elliptical Finned Tube

Elliptical Finned Tube For Heat Exchangers
oval rectangular finned tube, oval oval finned tube, oval circular finned tube, helical oval flat tube, oval H-shaped finned tube

Elliptical Finned Tube is an elliptical seamless tube as the base tube, which uses aluminum fin strips or copper fin strips to spirally and tightly wrap around the outer surface of the base tube under tension.

Elliptical Finned Tube is a heat exchange element consisting of a base tube elliptical tube and outer fins.


Common ones are Elliptical rectangular finned tubes,


Item A:CSpipe+Al fins connection Treatment by Brazing Weld , option blygold

Item B:CSpipe+Al fins connection Treatment by BrazingWeld ,option blygold

Item C:CSpipe+CS fins connection Treatment by Galvanization

Item D:S.Spipe+S.S fins connection Treatmentby Brazing Weld(Good for food industry) ,option blygold


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