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The distinction between the working principles of finned tube in various occasions

The function of the radiator in the operation of the drying equipment is to heat the material with hot air, so that the moisture in the material will evaporate. Then, during the circulation drying, because the air with high temperature is close to the saturation state, the high temperature and humidity air in the finned tube can no longer take away the moisture in the material, so the moisture in the material starts to stop steaming It is necessary to rule out this practice.

In general, if the moisture content of the material is high, it will cause a relatively saturated state of the outside hot air in a short time. If the fresh air is generally used for drying, it means that the radiator of the finned tube will send the hot air to the dryer after heating, and then discharge the hot air to another section for drying in the tunnel In the channel, the flow direction of hot air is opposite to the flow rate of material.

At this time, if the fresh air is not saturated, it is easy to save part of the heat consumption in the hot air drying condition. The amount of fresh air supplement is generally 20-30%, which depends on the process requirements.

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